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New concepts in national security

Today we are in the time of a hypothetical world, but despite what the national security agencies do and what they possess in terms of surveillance techniques, to spy and collect information, the human element remains the basis of intelligence work, and it remains the one who runs the intelligence work.

Technically gathering information, reconnaissance or targeting required elements, for example, with a drone aircraft, can only be carried out with an information feed on the ground.

Threats to national security in the era of globalization are no longer what is happening on the ground, as much as attacks and activities on the Internet, and this prompted the CIA, the Pentagon, as well as the European Commission, to create digital units to deter cyber attacks, to protect national security.

This means there is a need to redefine national security and its concepts, and governments also need to restructure their security apparatus, to include the presence of new units, especially electronic, biological or chemical units, or media and psychological units to confront unconventional wars, although some countries have these units but within Limited possibilities.

Therefore, the world of espionage has witnessed a lot of changes, in information gathering techniques and customer training, social media now, smart phone applications, communication programs via the Internet, and Internet engines, most notably Google, Facebook and others, providing a lot of efforts and adventure to the intelligence services, without obtaining a visa or issuing passports. Travel under pseudonyms.

National security is defined as the ability of the state to protect its lands, resources, and interests from external-military and internal threats. As a result of globalization, there have been shifts in the concept of security, most notably power, which is no longer linked to the military factor, but rather to politics, technology, education, economic growth and the adoption of information.

Henry Kissinger defines national security as meaning all the goals that society strives for and through them to preserve its right to survival.

We believe that security is development, and without development there can be no security, and countries that do not actually grow cannot simply remain safe.

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