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Логотип Укр центр гуман проект украински

The Ukrainian Center of Humanitarian Projects, a non-governmental organization, began its joint work at the Center of International Relations "Peace and Security". 

The Ukrainian Center of Humanitarian Projects is a platform for coordinating the activities and interaction of charitable organizations, volunteers, caring individuals and other organizations that provide assistance to the most vulnerable and vulnerable segments of the population.

With the dedication, professionalism, passion, and incredible sense of duty and compassion of our fellow colleagues and volunteers, we will be able to help people who need more than just help, but who are aiming for projects but are unable to do so.

We  will be grateful if you can support us. 

On more detailed information apply for a number +38 068 600 95 50,

or on mail of center of

Ми будемо вдячні, якщо ви зможете підтримати нас.

За більш детальною інформацією звертайтеся за номером +38 068 600 95 50 ,

або на пошту центру

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