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The desire for peace, the expectation of peace became the main dream of the country. But peace does not come by itself. It needs to be built. It needs to be stored and strengthened. It is necessary to study and analyze the situation. Peacebuilding is not just a matter for politicians, the military and diplomats. Their activities are undoubtedly important. But the participation of society makes the process more successful, expands the base of studying the situation and decision-making, gives society an understanding of the importance of the results achieved. If a country wants peace or war, what citizens are ready for, peace also depends on it. Of course, these problems are related to such phenomena as terrorism, separatism, extremism and illegal migration, which, unfortunately, have recently gained significant momentum not only in Europe but also in Ukraine.

The activities of the Center for International Relations "Peace and Security" are aimed at improving the living standards of citizens, the country's well-being, protection from extremist attacks, terrorist acts, and other provocations related to the encroachment on important human goods.

The main goal of our Center is to find and implement new solutions, develop more effective anti-terrorist measures at the national, regional and global levels. Since our Center has a direct partnership with international and European organizations whose activities are aimed at ensuring security and peace.

Our Center contributes to solving current problems of our time, namely: protection of national security and vital human goods - life, dignity, freedom and personal integrity - from unlawful encroachments by aggressive individuals, various groups and even individual states. Because it is these inalienable human goods that cannot be disgraced and must be protected.

We are ready to cooperate with Ukrainian organizations and activists whose activities are aimed at maintaining peace and security of our society.



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Ukraine, 04128, Kyiv

street Stetsenka, 75D, apt. 8.

Ukraine, 03035, Kyiv

street Vasyl Lypkivsky (Uritsky),

14/18, apt. 13.

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